Take Action

There are many ways to help promote better biking and walking all over the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and these are just a few ways you can take action with BikeDFW today.


  • At one of our classes and help folks get up and riding
  • At an event and share BikeDFW’s mission
  • With us to support other area organizations


  • To provide bicycle education classes to the community
  • To provide bicycle safety and education information to the community
  • To provide helmets, lights and other bicycle equipment to the community
  • To provide adequate bicycle parking and other bicycle amenities


  • Take a class and improve your skills
  • Become a League Cycling Instructor
  • About proper bicycle infrastructure and how it can improve communities


  • Social media for up to date cycling information
  • Our blog for articles and ideas worth sharing
  • Our calendar for up to date information about events and rides

report a hazard

  • A road hazard
  • Bike path issues
  • Intersections and road areas of concern


P.O. Box 671354
Dallas, Texas 75367


Tax ID:  20-4913022