On July 11, 2019, kids participating in the City of Fort Worth’s summer camp in the Ash Crescent neighborhood had a chance to ride bicycles with BikeDFW volunteers and receive a new bicycle helmet from the Texas Medical Alliance.

The Ash Crescent Bike Rodeo had over 20 children participating from ages 5 – 13 years of age.  They learned to properly fit their helmets, and got to see the popular egg drop demonstration to see how a helmet keeps our heads safe.  Other lessons learned where focused on how to properly find the edge of the street and how to properly look left-right-left before crossing safely.  As well as an avoidance weave, starting, stopping & signaling, and a slow bicycle race!

Children who were still learning got one-on-one attention from 5 recently approved League Cycling Instructors including Melissa Carr, Crissie Taveira, Susan Noble, Tekisha Slack and BikeDFW’s Executive Director, Jonathan Braddick.

 The best part of the whole program came when Kona Ice showed up and gave everyone a free shaved ice!